Waste & Environment


Plastic Bag Environmental Levy

There is a charge for plastic shopping bags issued by retailers at points of sale. Find out about the charge and the situations where you will not have to pay for plastic bags.

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment

What is considered electrical and electronic waste in Ireland? Information about what you can do to help recycle and dispose of electrical waste material in a responsible way.

Recycling domestic waste

Describes where to recycle domestic waste and what happens to recycled items.

Recycling services and waste management

An overview of waste management in Ireland.

Domestic refuse services

A brief description of how domestic waste is disposed of.

Recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

From August 2005 retailers have to take back waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Ireland. Find out about the regulations governing take back and recycling of WEEE.

Composting domestic waste

Recycling and composting of domestic waste in Ireland is being promoted by your local authority as a way of reducing household waste sent to landfill. What is composting and how do you get started?

Tax relief on domestic service charges

Tax relief on local authority and other service charges ended in January 2012. Read how to claim this relief for tax year 2011 and earlier.

Landfill Sites

This document explains how waste is disposed of in a landfill site and the rules governing the operation of landfill sites in Ireland.

How to dispose of an end-of-life vehicle

An end-of-life vehicle is a car or small van which is to be scrapped. Find out what you must do if want to dispose of one.

Burning household waste

Burning household waste at home or in your garden is illegal. If convicted of illegally burning waste, you can incur a fine or a prison sentence.

Environmental Protection

Asbestos regulations in Ireland

There are very strict regulations on the use, repair and removal of asbestos in products and buildings in Ireland.

Radon gas in buildings

Prolonged exposure to radon gas can lead to lung cancer. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland gives information on how to reduce dangerous levels of radon in your home.

Noise Regulations in Ireland

Under Irish law, you are entitled to make a complaint to the courts about specific neighbourhood noise. What is noise pollution and how do you make a complaint?

Litter law in Ireland

Your local authority in Ireland has responsibility for enforcing the law on litter pollution. What is litter pollution and what penalties are in place?

Air pollution

Various measures that have been taken to combat air pollution in Ireland. Find out about these measures and how to make a complaint about air pollution.

The Tidy Towns competition

Tidy Towns is a national competition run each year by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government that aims to find the tidiest town in Ireland.</p >

Pollution prevention and control

Describes EU and Irish law regarding licensing procedures and enforcement of pollution prevention and control measures in Ireland.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments are required under EU and Irish law for certain public and private projects. The purpose of the Assessments is to analyze the impact these projects may have on the environment.

Environmental Law

European environmental law

Overview of Irish and EU legislation, policy and funding programmers for the protection of the environment.

Environmental protection of nature and biodiversity

A range of Irish and EU legislation aims to ensure biodiversity by conserving natural habitats and wild fauna and flora.

Genetically modified organisms

EU environmental protection includes regulation on the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). There is a broad legal framework to ensure that GMOs and GMO-derived products that are grown, marketed and imported to the EU meet certain safety standards.

Climate change

Greenhouse gases cause global warming which can affect climate. Read more about changes to our climate and how to stop global warming.

Waste management legislation

There are many different types of waste, for example, packaging waste and electronic waste. There is a range of Irish and EU legislation dealing with the disposal of different types of waste. Find out more.

Access to environmental information

You have the right to access certain information about the environment and pollutants that may affect it. Find out how to access environmental information.

Judicial review in planning and environmental matters

Public decisions may be judicially reviewed by the High Court to determine whether they are illegal. Find out about judicial review in the environmental and planning areas.

Aarhus Convention and related agreements

The Aarhus Convention sets out rules to promote public participation in environmental matters. Read about the Convention and related agreements.

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