Top 5 events for 20th of October in Dublin

As we all well know, Sunday comes for us all. So let’s try and do this one right. We’ve compiled a list for you with the perfect combination of low maintenance and exciting things to do that’ll brighten up the last day of your weekend. We hope you enjoy. Happy Sunday 20th folks!

1. Dublin Street Art Walking Tour run by the Good Vibrationz
art collective

Top 5 events for 20th of October

Why not start the day off with some contemplative, cultured walking? Try something you’ve probably always wanted to do but never knew how you’d go about it. Go on Good Vibrationz’ street art tour and learn the secrets of our wonderful city’s talking walls. There’s even an interactive segment to look forward where you can get a taste for making street art first hand and leave your own legacy in the city. 

Where: Dublin City Center (details will be emailed to ticket holder upon purchase)
When: Sunday 20th October,  1-3 pm
Price: Get your tickets here for €8

 2.  Class comedy

20th October

If you’re looking for somewhere to fill your belly full of laughs, this is the perfect event for you this Sunday. Whether you go alone or with friends, the acts in this joint definitely won’t disappoint. Discover new talent, squirm at someone else’s expense and gather some new material that you’re definitely going to try and pass off as your own. With ten acts on tonight, there’s definitely something for everybody’s taste. 

Where: The Workmans club, 10 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar
When: Sunday 20th October, 19:30 – 22:30
Price: Get you €3 here on Eventbrite

3. Last Balanço Certo in the Shaw

October 20th

If you haven’t heard by now that the Bernard Shaw is closing then that’s on you. Where have you been living, under a rock? These guys aren’t exactly going down quietly. This all-day shabang is going to have it all, from afro-Brazilian dance workshops to DJ sets from Mick t-woc & Pablo Santos who will be playing you their hand-selected tracks of Brazillian music spanning decades, and more from special guests DJs Ortega & Andrew. Expect pizza, booze and a good time with people who know how to party (yes, I do mean to say there’ll be Forro). Find out more here

Where: The Bernard Shaw, 11-12 Richmond St South, Saint Kevin’s
When: Sunday 20th October, 15-23:30 (Afro-Brazilian class starts at 15:00)
Entry is free but if you are interested in taking part in the dance workshop then please email, suggested donation is €5-10. 

4. Casting Spells with October Fires

October FiresIf you’re in the mood for some ambient and relaxing, harmonic indie-pop music this Sunday, then October Fires’ gig is the perfect Dublin event for you this Sunday. This County Kildare band truly have a unique talent, with their haunting eclectic sounds inspired by the changing seasons you’re in for an evening of sunny days in the park, winter nights by the fire and pensive autumn walks. Make sure you get down early to support special guest, Baby Witch, another unique, ambient and quirky performer not to miss. 

Where: The Grand Social, 35 Liffey Street Lower, North City
When: Sunday 20th October, 19:30-22:30
Price: €10 on Eventbrite

5. The Back Page Autumn Vintage Sports & Streetwear Event 

20th October

Everyone loves vintage shopping. That’s just a fact. And are Sundays not the best day to indulge in that love? Nurture that talent? Take part that thrilling game that makes you scream I’M ALIVE AND HAVE BETTER CLOTHES THAN ALL OF YOU!?!

Where: The Black Page, 199 Phibsborough Rd
When: Sunday 20th October, 11:00- 14:30pm
Price: Free

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