Top 3 of Tuesday!

Tuesday Jazz Jam: Super-locrian love

Never been to a jam session? All instruments and singers are welcome! At the session we play jazz standards, like those from the Real Book series. To participate, you need to be able to play at least one tune and then improvise over it. If you’re just starting to learn or play jazz, consider coming and listening first.


At The Grand Social


Yoga with Cats

Enjoy a smooth and relaxing yoga session in Cat Lounge! The cats will join you in your session while you stretch and flex, or they might push you off your yoga mat, so they can use it as a bed! Let’s do yoga with cats!

Tickets available here


At Cat Lounge Dublin


Introduction to Documentary Photography with Kate Nolan

This is an intermediate class intended to examine the practice of documentary photography while creating a short-term project. By taking this course, you will learn skills such as researching, planning, photographing, and editing your photo story. This course is guided by Kate Nolan, an internationally renowned visual artist from Ireland. This course occurs in our Reframing the Border exhibition space, where Nolan’s images will showcase the physical and psychological impact of borders on the individuals surrounded by them.


At Gallery of Photography

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