Top 3 Events for March 7th

Eatyard is Reopening

Eatyard is Dublin’s permanent street food market. In November of 2016, Eatyard opened up a semi-permanent food market next to The Bernard Shaw in Portobello. Since then they’ve welcomed some tasty trucks and stalls through the gates including vendors like Vish Shop, Kale and Coco, Wing It and Box Burger. Today, the Eatyard is reopening for the 2019 season. They’ll be open every Thursday to Sunday from 12pm to 10pm. There will also be a fresh new line up of street food vendors.

Where: Eatyard, 9-10 Richmond Street South, Dublin

When: 12pm to 10pm

How much: Admission free

Francophonie Film Festival 2019

As part of the Francophonie Film Festival 2019, Alliance Française Dublin presents

“Mom and Other Loonies in the Family” (2015).

It is the story of an odd family during the 20th century. Four generations of “crazies” led by the character of Mum who lived 94 years and moved 27 times in her life. Moving was her only way of confronting troubles, dangers, and conflicts. In reality, it was History that chased her throughout the country and made her go through a terrible century. At the incredible age of 94, Mum tells the story of these events to her daughter, nearly 100 years of often mischievous and heart-warming but also sometimes painful episodes. There will be a pre-screening reception at 5:30pm.

Where: Alliance Française Dublin, 1 Kildare Street, Dublin

When: 6:30pm – pre-screening reception at 5:30pm

How much: Admission free, register here

Brexit, the Border, and Racism – A Conversation

ENAR Ireland and Ulster University present a Month against racism event:

Brexit, the Border, and Racism – A Conversation between Dr. Ebun Joseph and Luke Butterly, Dr. Chris Gilligan, Dr. Lucy Michael, and chaired by Dr. Ronit Lentin.

The prospect of Brexit is already the source of anxiety for the majority of communities on both sides of the Irish border. But what of the minorities? What will the impact of Brexit and a hardened border be for migrants and other minorities on either side of the border?

Join them for a conversation where in the first half Dr. Ebun Joseph responds to research findings on Brexit and its impacts on minorities outlined by panelists Luke Butterly, Dr. Chris Gilligan, and Dr. Lucy Michael. This is a participative meeting; in the second half, activists, particularly from minority backgrounds, and others, are encouraged to ask questions of the panelists and take part in the conversation.

Where: The Cobblestone, 77 King Street North, Dublin

When: 7:30pm to 10:30pm

How much: Admission free

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