Top 3 Events for February the 20th

Music from the Heart

The February session of the Clé Club promises to be a memorable night with two superb artists – Síle Denvir and Barry Kerr. Originally from Indreabhán in the Connemara Gaeltacht, Síle Denvir is a highly talented sean-nós singer and harpist. A founding member of the group Líadan, she has also been very active in the FairPlé campaign to promote gender equality in folk and traditional music. She has a particular interest in Irish-language song in a modern context. Joining Síle is the multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and painter, Barry Kerr. Originally from Armagh but now based in Dublin, Barry is, in the words of his musical contemporaries, “ridiculously talented.” A sympathetic accompanist on guitar or a wonderfully gifted lead on flute or uilleann pipes, Barry possesses an irrepressibly volcanic level of creative energy as a maker of music, song and visual artworks.

Where: Clé Club, Liberty Hall, Dublin

When: 8pm to 11pm

How much: €5

Film Screening – Sé quién eres

Paloma, a young psychiatrist in love with her work, meets Mario, a disturbing and seductive patient, in a remote hospital. The patient suffers from Korsakoff syndrome, a strange disease that alters memory and makes of him a very interesting case study for Paloma. Their relationship becomes more complicated due to the fear and attraction Paloma feels towards her patient.

The Spanish Film Club shows a selection of Spanish language films on the third Wednesday of the month. Films are in Spanish with English language subtitles.

Where: Pearse Street Library, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin

When: 5:30pm

Walking out on an un-liveable tomorrow – Discussion

With only 12 years to avoid irreversible environmental disaster, the political establishment still fails to act. But many workers and young people are willing to take urgent action and fight for our planet and our futures, such as the inspirational Greta Thunberg, the courageous Swedish teenager highlighting the role of the political establishment and business elite for the environmental crisis. She called for global school student strikes to push those in power to take serious action against climate change.

Join them to discuss solutions for tackling climate change & gender inequality, wrestling the power to carry out those actions from the 1% into the hands of the working class, and the crucial role of young people in making this happen!

Where: Kc Peaches, Dame Street, Dublin

When: 6:30pm to 9:30pm


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