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The Babylon team consists of people from different backgrounds who want to explore their talent and get experience while also helping others. Our aim is to help immigrants new to Ireland, with everything they may need from how to get an apartment, to how to apply to college and everything they need to know about settling and living in Ireland.

Meet here some of our volunteers. Do you want to join the team? Please click here!


Elsa Patricia Gonzalez Guillen ‧ Graphic DesignerMexican

Babylon not only welcomes people from all over the world and invites them to learn about Irish culture but to make them feel seen, heard and gives a helpful hand to find interesting things to do, whether you are visiting or are living in Ireland.

I have been working as a graphic designer and photographer since I finished my BA in Visual Arts. Due to these reasons, I found the internship interesting because I am keen on all the arts and culture, which is one of the paramount aims of Babylon and it was a good opportunity to put my skills to work.

Alice Fouques ‧ Social Media AssistantFrench

Babylon Radio is a multicultural web radio which proposes a lot of different type of content for every taste on their blog and radio. I wanted to do an internship in a company which works with foreign people. I chose Babylon Radio because the website gives advice to foreigners who want to live in Ireland.

Utku Muratoglu

Utku Muratoglu ‧ Radio PresenterTurkish

I had many difficulties as a foreigner in Ireland and it was hard to be accepted sometimes. As a journalist graduate, I think all voices need to be heard and Babylon gives people that platform. It’s good to have an international workspace where you feel equal, rather than national and foreigner categorization.  Unfortunately, traditional media is occupied with the same people for a long time and it is hard to break that cycle and have experience as a new graduate. Babylon gives new graduates that experience and opportunity to shine or bust, but certainly learn along the way.

Nicole ‧ JournalistIrish-Bulgarian

I work for Babylon because I want to gain experience in the journalism world. The team is really supportive and we have the freedom to write about topics that interest us and the website  informative but also a fun and easy read/listen. 

Shantha Kajgar ‧ Human Resource ExecutiveIndian

Babylon is a multicultural company and I get to interact with people and learn from them.  The internship at Babylon gives me the opportunity to explore and understand my career better with hands-on experience and taking ownership of the tasks.

The culture, people, our work be it radio shows, articles or freedom to explore our passion and motive reflects diversity at Babylon which justifies the word “Multicultural”!

Henrique Peroni ‧ Web DeveloperBrazilian

With Babylon I can learn from talented people. It is a place where we always have something new to do, which means we are always learning. I also like the creative freedom I have and the fact that I feel listened to. I feel like my ideas matter and I can work on them.

People should follow Babylon if they like to listen to good music and if they are interested in amazing news and content.

The most beautiful guy in the world

Vikas Bharti ‧ Social Media ManagerIndian

Babylon has a very interesting concept of bringing information and entertainment together in one place. When it comes to getting information about Ireland I think Babylon is the best place to get information. It has a wide range of information like things to know before visiting Ireland, Irish culture, food culture, travelling tips and cherry on the top is entertaining radio shows. What else does an immigrant want? For these reasons I recommend Babylon to everybody interested in coming to Ireland either to study or work and people who want to know Ireland better.

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