Galician Poetry for St. Patrick’s Festival

Join the Cervantes Institute as they launch Focus on Galician Poetry, a reading of poetry in Galician, Spanish and English that will take place tomorrow Thursday, March 14 at 6:30 pm.

It is said that Galicia and Ireland share legends, climate, music, culture and even chromosomes. The Cervantes Institute joins St. Patrick’s Festival to celebrate the patron saint’s day with the reading and discussion of poetry in Galician, Spanish and English. The Galician language writer Manuel Rivas and his translator into English Lorna Shaughnessy, will read poems for the author’s most recently published collection The Mouth of the Earth (Shearsman Press, 2019). The event will be hosted by editor Tony Frazer.

Celia Fernández Escobar, Cervantes Institute Press Manager, explains that Rivas is a Galician poet and writer who has also worked as a journalist in some of the most prominent media outlets in Spain. Some of his novels have been adapted into films (Butterfly will be the most recognisable one for the Irish audience). He has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards, an example of this is his recent win at the Ostana Prize for Mother Tongue. And his latest work shows an exquisite sensibility by creating poetic landscapes and evoking memory.

Tomorrow’s event is for everyone who likes poetry or literary readings and is into languages. It will be a perfect occasion to see the contrast between these three languages and their differences in sound.

Fernández Escobar, also explained how their main goal is for people to meet both Manuel Rivas and Lorna Shaughnessy, who would present the closeness between Spanish and Irish culture and will show the nuances that each language imprints in the poetic word, due to their differences in rhythm, musicality and the subtle variances in meaning.

How much?

It’s a free event but booking in advance is required. If you are interested please send the organisers an email:

When: 14/3/2019 to 18:30 to at 19:30

Where: Cervantes Institute – Auditorium. Lincoln House, 6-16 Lincoln Place, D2.

About Rivas

Manuel Rivas is considered one of the most representative writers in Galician language nowadays and a revolutionary in the region’s contemporary literature. For him, words are the most sensitive of creatures. He evokes memory as a source of both nostalgia and future, and it has been a predominant theme in all his writing. Manuel Rivas has been published in English both in prose (The Carpenter’s Pencil, Books Burn Badly) and poetry (From Unknown to Unknown, The Disappearance of Snow). Translated by Lorna Shaughnessy, this last title was shortlisted for the Popescu Prize in European Poetry Translation in 2014.

More events…

Also, for those who can not make it this time, there are other events are coming up.

Next April 9, the Institute will celebrate a Spanish Quiz Night. It’s going to be the first Spanish CultQuiz about gastronomy, culture and wines designed with Spain enthusiasts in mind.

The day after, April 10, they will be hosting for the fourth consecutive year a Flamenco, fino and Ibéricos show and tasting.

On April 25, they have an upcoming literary event, with their own take of World Book Day. Andalusian poet Carmen Camacho, the Irish poet and translator Keith Payne, and the Galician singer-songwriter Su Garrido will be attending.

Check out their website for more information and further events.

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