Comet Comes Close to Sun

Last November, a spacecraft known as Philae was landed on Comet 67P . Today the comet has made the closest approach to the sun.


The comets destination point known as perihelion was reached at 02:03. This point resides 186 million kilometres from the sun. The comet will come onto a different orbit which will take it more than 500 kilometres away from the sun.


At the time that Philae landed, it was able to send 60 hours worth of data back to Earth however it ran out of power. It came back online as it was brought closer to solar light from the sun, giving it power. Due to this, the information retrieved from Philae happens at random times. Unfortunately, the spacecraft has been quiet for the last month.


Engineers have said that this is extremely worrying but the spacecraft following the comet, Rosetta has allowed them to locate Philae albeit the signals happen to be quite weak. Everyone is trying to find a solution to locate the spacecraft definiately and retrieve more data from its journey.

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