Anything You Want – You Got It

You never know what the future holds – truer words have never been spoken.

Several years ago, a poster saying “Roy Orbison is coming to Dublin” would have probably stopped you dead in your tracks. It would have probably made you fish out your smartphone and load the familiar and trusted Wikipedia website. Because let’s face it, 21st century is indeed a time of wonders, technological and otherwise, but the last time everybody checked, the much beloved Caruso of Rock was resting in peace and human cloning was still a work in progress. Unless Dolly the sheep was a greater success than we were led to believe.

Yes, Roy Orbison died in 1988, and yes, he really is coming to Dublin on April 29th. And before that, to Belfast on April 27. And no, this is not an insomnia-induced hallucination after sleepless Christmas and New Year.

Gone are the times when your parents or even grandparents could sigh and say with a faraway look: “If only you could see him.” Because now, you actually can. A BASE Entertainment Company organises the first ever holographic tour of the legend of the Rock. A special holographic laser will lead the singer back to the stage, and you will be able to watch him live, performing his digitally remastered greatest hits. Anything you want – you got it, indeed.

Just close your eyes and drift away, with the honey-smooth tenor floating around you. Soft romantic roulades will lure you away from 2018, into the magic sixties. Dreams become reality this April.

Tickets from 59€ available on Ticketmaster.

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